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New Futures workshop dates in 2018-2019:

September 17-21
October 15-19
November 19-23
December 10-14
January 14-18
February 4-8
March 11-15
April 1-5
May 6-10
June 10-14

Workshops are 9:00 am – 4:00 pm with a break for lunch.

Workshops will be delivered through instructor-led lecture and discussion, YouTube and other videos, written student assessments, worksheets, and possible group
interaction supplemented by current media coverage.
Following the week of workshops, local workshops and individual support is available.

Course Content:

Job Search Process & Job Search Resources – Elements of a Job Search, Listing of Job Search Resources

Job Loss & Grieving – Reviewing the Stages of Grief, Job Loss Cycle, Career Transition Stressors & Anchors

Building Resiliency – Defining Resiliency, Strategies for Resilience, Career Resilience and Maximizing Success

Managing Stress – Observing and Identifying Stress, Management Techniques

SWOT Analysis – Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats

Change Management – Seeing Change Differently, Self-assessment: Your Change Profile, Change Skills: Anticipating Change, Taking New Actions, Recognizing Obstacles, Imagining Success

Career Transition & Job Search Skills – Planning for Major Tasks, Recognizing and Reducing Barriers, Personal Marketing Plan, Career Decision Making, Positioning Statements

Resumes – Resume Types, Sample Resumes, Resume Checklist and Worksheets

Identifying Transferable Skills – Reviewing Personal Qualities, Previous Roles, Matching Job Descriptions and Client Skills

Cover Letter – Sample Cover Letters, Cover Letter Templates, Cover Letter Planning

Researching and Identifying Career Markets and Opportunities – Company Research, Traditional/Online/Specialty Job Market Sources, Hidden Job Markets, Spotting Career Options

Social Media Marketing – Understanding the Internet, Social Media Options, Establishing a Social Media Presence including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, and Instagram

Interviewing Skills – Interview Trends, Cold Calls, 10 Most Common Interview Questions, Questions to Ask, Interview Do’s and Don’ts,

Offline Networking – Value of Networking, Networking Fundamentals, Strengthening Relationships, Developing the Positioning Statement

Priorities and Goal Setting – Determining and Refining Goals, Managing Urgent/Important/Conflicting Priorities, Improving Motivation, Effectively Executing Tasks, Reducing Procrastination

Positive Thinking and Improving Self Confidence – Outlining Positive Thinking, Student assessment, Reframing Techniques, Defining Self Confidence, Tips & Tricks for Improvement

Summary of Individual Needs – Overview of Client’s Personal Job Search Strategies and Responsibilities (Personal Needs Assessment) in Preparation for individual support

“The New Futures program made all the difference in the world for my job search and personal development. The New Futures program sets your mind on a positive path for success.”
Julie, attended January 2017