Make your mark at SALC!

We seek individuals who are committed to education, enjoy collaborating with others and who share our values.

We value individuals who bring experience, skills and opinions to our services. 

Current Opportunities


We are looking for an outgoing, charismatic, personable leader who is passionate about making a difference to become our Executive Director (ED). A champion for learning, you will be comfortable taking a leading role in the community, demonstrating our core values to positively influence others at all levels of interaction and to achieve results that are in the best interests of both the organization and community. The successful candidate will be committed to building strong community relationships and have a desire to work with others to have a bigger impact. A change agent who is innovative, open-minded, flexible and persistent, our next leader will have a win-win approach to problem solving.

A life-long learner, the successful candidate will be a motivator and team-builder, able to support development of staff in an approachable way that is balanced with trust and respect for all roles in the organization and comfortable with delegating responsibility and promoting teamwork with a skilled and diverse team. A collaborative management style with good listening skills, flexibility and patience is key.

A strategic leader with strong tactical skills, our next leader will be confident and enthusiastic, supporting a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors in its governance duties. Respecting the history and values that have made Stettler Learning Centre successful to date, they will have the skills to solicit significant support to fund Stettler Learning Centre’s mission and is politically astute and influential in the community to ensure Stettler Learning Centre is not just sustainable but thrives into the future.Comfortable working in a rural community, the successful candidate will have a good understanding of non-profit finances, including project-based funding, grant applications, reporting and their implications.

The successful candidate will demonstrate and nurture the mission, values, and guiding principles that are key to the success of Stettler Learning Centre and maintain a strong supportive relationship with Campus Alberta Central partners in coordinating post-secondary opportunities.

Key competencies the successful candidate must demonstrate are:

·     Leadership

·       Networking and Relationship Building

·     Communication

·       Strategic Thinking

·     Accountability

·       Teamwork

·     Organizational and Environmental Awareness

·       Resource and Fiscal Management


·       Adaptability

Position is for 28 hours a week and is very flexible based on experience and availability of the successful candidate. Office hours are 8:30-4:30 with an hour for lunch. Stettler Learning Centre closes for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year; all of July and most of August.

Please apply by emailing a Cover Letter and Resume to addressed to the SALC Board Chair

Deadline for applications July 30, 2024. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Successful candidate will have to complete a criminal record check and sign the organization code of conduct.

Duties of the Position: 

  1. Strategic and Operational Planning and Management
  2. Assists/guides the Board of Directors in developing, implementing and evaluating strategic and long-range plans 
  3. Provides leadership for the development of coordinated operational plans, translating strategic and long-range plans into measurable actions 
  4. Ensures implementation of all approved policies 
  5. Advises the Board of emerging legal issues 
  1. Communications
    1. Communicates in a timely and regular fashion with the Board 
    2. Communicates SLC’s strategic directions, advocacy positions, vision and goals to appropriate external stakeholders 
    3. Ensures that information/tools/resources developed by SLC, including the annual report and the websites, are shared with and promoted among appropriate stakeholders  
  1. External Relations
  2. Represents SLC through participation in provincial networks 
  3. Builds alliances with stakeholders in support of SLC’s strategic program initiatives 
  4. Represents SLC at conferences and forums 
  1. Program Management and Development
  2. Oversees staff, with a view to ensuring the effective delivery of all SLC programs 
  3. Ensures program monitoring and evaluation is in place for all program initiatives 
  4. Proposes new program or funding opportunities, in support of the association’s work and in accordance with SLC’s strategic and operational priorities 
  5. Develops program and project proposals, for funding according to strategic and operational priorities  
  6. Ensures program, projects and reports are managed efficiently in a cost-effective manner 
  1. Financial Management
  2. Ensures oversight of the financial management of the association, working closely with the Financial Officer, Treasurer of the Board and the auditors  
  3. Ensures development of the annual budget, in consultation with the Financial Officer and the Financial Committee, to be approved by the Board 
  4. Ensures SLC maintains strong, positive relationships with funders through ongoing contact with government and non-government funding sources 
  5. Ensures, in consultation with the Financial Officer, funding reporting requirements are met in a timely and accurate fashion 
  6. Reviews all reports prior to final submission to funding agencies 
  7. Works toward ensuring SLC’s long-term financial stability 
  1. Marketing and Membership
  2. Initiates and oversees ongoing committees, Boards and general membership recruitment and retention 
  3. Ensures development and oversight of strategic marketing initiatives in keeping with SLC’s mission 
  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Recruits, hires, trains, supervises and evaluates the staff complement in order to achieve SLC’s operational objectives 
  3. Creates and maintains a team-based environment 
  4. Consults with and responds to issues and concerns raised by staff 
  5. Provides staff leadership 
  6. Ensures development and updating SLC’s personnel policies, including compensation strategies, on a regular basis, for review and approval by the Board 

 Education & Experience Requirements:

  • University Degree in Business Administration, Education and/or Social Work. Equivalencies may be considered.
  • 3 years’ experience in a similar role

Skills and Abilities: 

  • Strong leadership abilities and the capacity to motivate and supervise staff 
  • Proven skills/experience in strategic planning and proposal-writing 
  • Skills in human resource development 
  • Excellent organizational, communication and administrative skills 
  • Collaborative working style with experience in leading team-based initiatives 
  • Skilled facilitator with experience providing staff support to committees and Boards 
  • Innovative, creative, flexible and resourceful 
  • Can work well under pressure



Meets commitments, works independently, accepts accountability, handles change, sets personal standards, stays focused under pressure, and meets attendance and punctuality requirement  

Integrity & Ethics 

Deals with others in a straightforward and honest manner, is accountable for actions, maintains confidentiality, supports company values, conveys good news and bad.  


Meets all deadlines and responsibilities, listens to others and values opinions, helps team leader to meet goals, welcomes and promotes a team atmosphere.  

Organizational Savvy 

Operates within the organization’s formal and informal structures, uses relationships to build consensus and create results, understands other’s roles and perspectives along with keeping information organized and accessible, maintaining a clean/functional workspace and managing time well. 

Interpersonal Skills 

Has good listening skills, builds strong relationships, is flexible/open-minded, negotiates effectively, solicits performance feedback, handles constructive criticism, communicates well both verbally and in writing, share information and ideas with others.